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"Safe & Found" By Casey Shelley

Check out my first poetry reading reel for Infiniscape!

New Videos are Live!

Click on Recordings to watch the videos Keith Chambers and I recorded at the beautiful NV Factory.

Infiniscape's Safe Space: Voice Over
#sorrynotsorry: my first published blog post
#sorrynotsorry: my first published blog post

Exciting news: I'm a blogger!

I will be writing content for Infiniscape's new published blog, now live on their website:

Check out my first published entry about how to combat excessive apologizing: Sorry Not Sorry

Meet My Pet: Sophie!
Meet My Pet: Sophie!

In tandem with hosting Infiniscape's Animal Lovers Unite, blog post number two is about my adorable Havanese, Sophie!

"Sophie is his older sister and she simply will not tolerate him acting out. She chased him right back upstairs to his favorite sleeping spot, the turkey plate that he has now claimed in the dining room." 

Read about all of the cuteness here: Meet My Pet: Sophie!

Letting Go of Fear

How do I let go of fear as a performer?

Check out my new blog Letting Go of Fear

"It was one of those life changing moments. The kind where you realize that you had that inner strength inside of you all along."


Wishing Wednesday with St. Pete Opera

St. Pete Opera has been publishing weekly videos as part of their #wishingwednesday series!

Watch my favorite Act 2 duet from our October 2019's production of The Merry Widow.


St Petersburg Opera Company's Crystal Anniversary

St Petersburg Opera Company is celebrating their 15th Anniversary!

Check out this beautiful photo from our 2019 production of 
The Merry Widow, featuring Camille and Valencienne.

The Reviews Are In...

And everyone loves St Petersburg Opera's The Merry Widow!

"Catie Shelley is adorably cute with a tight soubrette soprano, perfect for the role” - William S. Oser/ Talkin’ Broadway
(click here for the full review)

"CATIE SHELLEY and JOHN SEESHOLTZ are the Baroness and Baron Ambassador, both experts at deceiving each other-- both players are delicious and the baroness in particular comes off as a wonderfully petulant child" - Joseph Parra

A journey from tragedy to triumph

I am honored to share how performing as Glinda in The Wizard of Oz reshaped my career in the Telegraph Journal Saint John!

Broadway Around the World at the Green Room 42



Classical singers can belt, too!